Time can serve or inhibit us

time is artThe background of each of us is irrelevant. It is the foreground that matters to the rest of us. Who is it you are today? How do you spend your moments while we are sharing them?

It doesn’t matter what took place before now. Not that these things don’t have value, they do. When we were involved in them they mattered very much. Now that they are a thing of the “past”, they do not.

Time is an aspect of the day to day that can serve or inhibit us. It is held in our mind and its relative effect takes place there as well. It doesn’t really exist – there is no such thing as “time”. A “time-piece” has been invented, that moves brilliantly and we’ve all agreed that the rotations signify a specific measurement. That is all it is.

Why bring up “time” or the “past”? It is these ideas that define our days and shape the view we hold about the possibilities for our lives. What you feel capable of is in part defined by how many “years” you’ve been here, by how those “years” have been spent and with whom. There are walls on our dreams of the “future” and chains holding us to our “past”. These things are not truth. They are fabrications held in the mind; they are thoughts.

There is a story of a man who was locked in the freezer car of a train in one of the Scandinavian countries. He died. When his body was found, it showed all of the clinical effects of having been frozen, yet the freezer was never turned on. His mind killed him.

Our minds are doing the same. Any limiting or inhibiting “fact” held there can be reversed. All thoughts are malleable and can change. Often it is those that fly in the face of “reality” that project us the fastest and furthest into our dreams. A life spent re-defining yourself to others around you seems unproductive unless you are interested in staying there.

We are not meant to stagnate but to grow. All possibilities exist – it is our choice whether or not to embrace them that determine the kind of life lived.

The pull of this “dream” is powerful. The direction has been fueled by some potent creators. These beings and the systems they’ve put in place are meant to convince you to abide by their rules in order to “succeed”.

Their agenda, however, is not and could never be yours. Each life is self-determined. It is up to you to define your own direction and proceed accordingly. It is one thing to respect the definitions forefront in your life and another to adopt them without question.

Question everything. The only restrictions on where you can go and how many places that can be are self imposed. You exist everywhere and you only need to daydream to remind yourself that you can be in two places at once.

There is no advantage to following the “party line” so rigidly that no bump in the road occurs. Bumps are a great place from which to jump off of! Life was meant to be an adventure to explore.

The push to test limits has to come from you. A sovereign being understands and accepts the responsibility for every direction – “past, present, and future”. Each is defined only once – now. You are a sovereign being.

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