We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for

By Sophia Love

Although it is several months away  and we are in the thick of a harsh winter, gardening season will return. The blossoming will begin and in a few months time the green grass will be merely a backdrop for a vibrant explosion of color. We’ll be surrounded with flowers.

If you’ve done any yard work then you most likely know the most efficient way to keep weeds at bay. You’ve got to dig deep and pull them out into the sun, exposing the root. They’ll decompose and nourish the soil, in turn feeding the flowers and vegetables you’d like to keep. It takes a bit of effort, yet it’s a permanent fix – at least for that particular weed.

It may look like Edward Snowden is one of the mightiest weed pullers. In fact he is. Yet if you listen to his words you’ll see he understands that the complete root has yet to be exposed; more work is required for that permanent fix. A complete statement is here. What shouted out from it all was this: “The great fear that I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change. [People] won’t be willing to take the risks necessary to stand up and fight to change things…” Edward Snowden

He is speaking about the deepest roots and they still grow quite comfortably inside each of us. It is not possible for a weed to grow without the proper environment. Slavery takes root because our very nature feeds it. We cannot reach back far enough in our history to find absolute freedom. Kingdoms, caste systems and royalty were a part of our earliest ancestry. Who then are we? Were we created for slavery? With all the current information available, that answer appears to be yes.

Can we escape the slavery mindset? Again, the answer is yes. Yet, as Edward Snowden so wisely tells us, we have to get to the deepest part of this root and remove it. That will take some very real effort by each one of us.

Data harvesting with our tools of communication and commerce would not be possible in an empowered society. The idea that some “authority”, “program”, “bank” or “institution” knows your password and you are comfortable with that is ludicrous. That password is the key to most of your public and private life. Who besides you do you want in there?

The thinking that you must perform and obey is taught. If subservience and servitude and conformity can be taught – than it can be forgotten. You cannot forget to breathe. You cannot forget to love.

Understand that you’ll have to dig deep and it’ll be hard. You’ll have to refuse the shiny, easy, “in your face” tools that are feeding the slavery system; Google, twitter, face book, Skype. The jolt you are feeling is not fatal; it is a trained reaction to resisting the norm. It’ll pass.

There are alternatives. They may not be as pretty or convenient – yet. Consider the price you are in truth paying for cooperating inside the slavery system. Your freedom is at stake. In July 2013 Project XIII will be released. There are numerous others here.

We cannot expect change if we are not willing to dig deep. The world will change without firing a shot once we refuse to cooperate with it as it stands. Sovereignty is equality – no one has any more rights or value than you do. No one.

I’ve had 3 face book and 2 email accounts hacked and compromised. I am no longer on Facebook, so please post this there if you are. I’d like for my friends to see it and know where I’ve gone. I will post all updates on the blog as I’ll be changing many of my locations (email, you tube, twitter) after doing some further research. I’ll choose again.

We are in a time of enormous possibility for growth and abundance. The weeds have to be permanently removed so our growth is not impeded, limited or restricted. Once removed, they will nourish our new growth. We are here now to do this very thing. It’s time to find and pull some weeds and their inevitable roots.

As you catch yourself thinking like a slave – stop. Think again. Decide what price you are willing to pay and then proceed. Know that you embody eternal essence. There is no dollar amount that can contain your worth. You are limitless. You are priceless. Act like the God that you are.

There is no more waiting. You are the One.

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