We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for (Part 3)

love revolution

As we navigate this journey we notice obstacles. There are many ways to get there, all leading home. How will we know when we arrive? I once heard Barry Neil Kaufman (The Option Institute, author of “Son Rise”) describe what it was like to be in a love relationship that was both intimate and equal. He said (and I paraphrase) “Being with Samahria is like being alone. I never worry about what I am saying or not saying, doing or not doing. I just Am.”

I’ve thought about that ever since, it seemed such an odd response. He didn’t say “She completes me” or “She’s the best thing that ever happened to me”. He didn’t put her in any place above or below himself. In fact, he seemed to be saying it didn’t matter if she was in the room or not. Yet if you saw them together, you would recognize a deep and mutual love.

This is absolute freedom. All have equal value here. This place has no owners. There are collaborators here. Partners. Co-creators. Teams of equals. Humans BEing. There are no Humans Owning. There are no Humans Owing. Debt is non-existent. In relationship to each other, we negotiate and agree or not; all the while respecting the worth of each other. We do not withhold for personal gain, to hold the advantage, the upper hand, or more. More of WHAT? All are ONE.

Wrap your head around ONE. What are you holding on to that separates? What false notions of slavery and ownership are you stuck on? What is blocking your personal path? What boulder are you looking at? Consider them now; we are on a Quest for Agape. Absolute Freedom. Unconditional Love.

We all arrive unencumbered. To Love unconditionally is to simply BE. Wherever you are. The burden of ownership is invented. It has inhibited, contained and controlled you. It implies the false notion that you control the life force of another. This is never true. All are One. The force of Life that runs through everything springs from One Source.

This Force courses through all that you see. People, animals, plants, earth, water, minerals, sky – are alive and intelligent and absolute. We may play together, sharing time, space and responsibilities. Yet at no time in our game do we stop being free. Even the best actors at some point take off their costuming, let down their hair and relax.

See ownership for what it really is; a burden. Ownership promises control and safety and power. Ownership is a lie. You can use each other, play with each other and always, always love each other. What you will never do is own each other. If someone believes they are indebted to another person/corporation or owned by another person/corporation, they are enslaved by their own belief – they are not enslaved by the “other”. There is no “other”. There is only One.

You are not powerful because of what or who you “have”. You are powerful. You are not worth more or less because of a bank account or a marriage license or a title. You are worthy. Let go of illusory things that seem to be holding you together. Know that you are enough.

You stand without requirement. So does everyone and everything else.

You are perfect. Period. End of story. Breathe. Feel the fullness of your BEing. Love without explanation or the burden of control. Love with wild abandon. Love all of the players in this game. It is a grand, surprising and enthralling party. Let go and love every BEing in attendance. We are all here on purpose – as One. We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

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