We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for

by Sophia Love


As we dance through our days, the unexpected and potentially shocking can emerge. It is not just the landscape that is changing. The life within the backdrop is taking on a different hue. These may not be colors or shades you knew were there, yet their effect is not to be missed. This is you.

The feelings erupting now appear raw and unfamiliar, maybe welcome, yet strange. This time will proceed and change all of us. How we weather these alterations is up to us. We are all moving or being forcibly moved.

Every day this week I’ve witnessed major life changing events crash into people I love. Deaths, near deaths, accidents, moves, and work or relationship changes are whizzing by at heart stopping speed. These moments will bring us all to our knees, one way or the other.

Love is the topic, yet what is the point? We are finding out that love is what we are. The rest is all window dressing; things we came to play with while here. Rules and religions, bodies, preferences, colors, opinions, beliefs, bank accounts, habits and addictions are the stuff of dreams. In a moment of truth, it’s only you. We are One.

God is oozing out all over the place right now. I suspect that these billboard moments are necessary for those of us who have largely and until now missed the point, myself included. The scenery has been so mesmerizing as to be believed. These days ahead will bring us all to truth, everyone included. We are about to discover, individually and collectively, what’s important. It’s not what we thought.

Love is undeniable. It does not always make sense in the life we’ve constructed, yet inside our heart it is recognizable truth. Brought to your knees in a moment of clarity – love will be the only thing you see.

We may perceive of our lives as without love, yet longing for love is never true. You cannot long for that which you are. You may be wishing for an expression you’ve defined as love, be it a promise or a person or an action or a specific relationship, but you are never without love. It may take a moment on your knees for you to realize this truth; once you do you will feel only gratitude.

All of it is love. My partner is a deep trance channel. The energy that comes through is that of his greater self, who has not ever fully integrated as a human. He is often shocked at the constant distractions, stimulation, sensations, sounds, smells and tastes. In describing his point of view, he refers to it as “the jello” and describes it as only love. There is no contrast. It is the contrast that sparks creation and spurs rapid growth. This contrast or “third dimension” is not separate from love, but love in another form. It is yummy and stimulating and exciting and all of it agape.

We are coming to a point now where understanding is enmeshed within the contrast. This may not mean we like it any better, but we “get” the reason for it and can choose consciously. All (my) sources predict rapid and unrelenting change right now. As we engage, it just may be our moment to shine. When the whole world seems to be changing, our weirdness won’t stand out quite so much.

Years ago, while in Ireland, we sat in a tiny, local pub where my sister, mom and I were definitely the only tourists. A woman leaned over and asked my sister if she was enjoying her holiday. My sister, rather surprised, asked “Is it that obvious?” In a lovely Irish brogue her answer came “Aye, I’m afraid you stick out like sore thumbs.”

A world in upheaval will appreciate consistent faith, truth and love, however out of place it may look. As light workers, your expertise is needed now more than ever. Not because of what you tell or show someone, but because of your demonstrable ability for authenticity. The truth of us will be evident in your every step. You are love. You are light. You are Gods. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

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