Shaking Reality Podcast Ep 2 (Synchronicity and Self-organization)


Time is Art co-creator, Katy Walker, has a lovely chat with author, Simon G. Powell in the 2nd episode of the Shaking Reality Podcast about synchronicity, resonance, fields of meaning and other fascinating topics.

“Whether it be living things like organisms and ecosystems, or non-living things like snowflakes and rolling ocean waves, Nature has, through its lawful configuration, a striking ability to promote order and organization. This being the case, is it possible that the amazing synchronicities many of us experience represent an emerging ‘higher level’ manifestation of self-organization?” – Simon G. Powell

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  1. I’d like to answer my opinion on the question. Synchronicity IS: 1. Concept- Declaration-Narrow and Broad definitions-Four Categories;
    2. Interpretive Principle – Theory-Hypothesis-Meaning – Suppositions – Neutral terminology
    3. Methodology.

    Each require a brief explanation.
    There are four categories and there is a SynchroniCity IS: Game that helps any throw foam balls at a wall or toss chips on a board to categorize any coincidence, complex or simple.

    Energy Matter Psyche Spirit [Energy-Red] [Matter-Black] [Psyche – Yellow] [Spirit – Transparent].

    Three categories are listed in Jung’s On Synchronicity, the other is noted in his expanded explanation and in the marvelous collection, Atom and Archetype: Pauli/Jung Letters.

    It is a very simple game that any player would find fun and helpful. KAM Style series of similitudes are Category Four because there is no psyche chip, but possibly can be figured out later. Paul Kammerer was criticized that his 100 list of coincidences lacked psychological worth, paths of individuation. But because we have the advantage of looking from his “future,” we can study how a “superior will” can descend en masse’ as it teaches human kind to increase their awareness.

    Professor of Higher Mathematics, Ferdinand Gonseth, addressed his audience that the then unpublished methodology of synchronicity can be implemented under everyone’s eyes and noses. (Time and Method p 216),

    If we look at Pauli’s dream illustration, “countries mandala” and how he and Jung analyzed the physical dream, a holistic “impossible dream,” we can start to understand synchronicity in the broader sense and why category four is a requirement. Roderick Main pointed out that Aziz wa able to identify four definitions of meaning. These can be used to help players cross the line from “equivalence” or configured sets into “meaning.” We will find that this continually goes beyond one frame of reference to another, as if outsmarting those involved.

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