How do you experience synchronicity?

Talking Points is a 5 part web series featuring commentary on different perspectives of synchronicity. From the scientific to the paranormal to the playful, we explore different aspects of synchronicity and what role it plays in everyday life.

Episode Synopsis

East Forest, musician and sound healer, talks about how synchronicity helps him to connect and navigate a complicated world in which we’ve become disconnected from nature. Jennifer Palmer, writer/blogger, and co-creator of Time is Art, talks about her fascination with the phenomenon while other artists and musicians chime in.

Guest Bios

EAST FOREST is a musician and speaker providing concerts and workshops all around the world. The organic music is a unique blend of melodic-ambient soundscapes, ethereal vocals and 100% original field recordings that combine for a genre bending visionary listening experience. East Forest originated as the solo identity of Trevor Oswalt (“Oswalt” translates from German to “East-Forest”). With a foundation in ancient and modern “sound healing techniques” the auditory creations are simultaneously songs and “musical technology” — it is a kind of “Shaman-pop” that humbly hopes to serve as a guide to put a few cracks in the hypnotic spell of our modern life and help each of us rediscover a sense of self through introspection.

The performances of East Forest range from traditional music venues, to large scale music festivals like the Wanderlust Festivals (internationally and domestically sharing bills with the likes of Moby, Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire), to Random Rab), as well as performing in site specific venues including Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, urban bath houses, epic sound meditations on rustic farms, and even providing music in hospice. East Forest is also deeply immersed in the global yoga community performing live accompaniments for yoga classes and workshops and has collaborated with a diverse range of studios and teachers including, Elena Brower, Eoin Finn, Amy Ipolitti, Schuyler Grant, Cameron Shane, Chris Chavez, Sianna Sherman, and many more. As a composer East Forest has written for the stage and also dabbled a bit in the world of video games writing music for Deepak Chopra for his mind-body video game “Leela” for which East Forest also served as a spiritual advisor.

Jennifer Palmer is also a blogger, DJ, and philosopher who goes by the name TRUE out on the internet. She is also one of the creators of Time is Art. Her essay about interdependence, telepathy and Twitter is in the Penguin anthology, “Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age.” Her writing is also featured in “The Sync Book: Myths, Magic, Media and Mindscapes” and most recently, “Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness: Liminal Zones, Psychic Science, and the Hidden Dimensions of the Mind.” Her other projects include working with organizations and individuals to leverage the benefits of social media and being blissfully entangled in beautiful webs of synchronicity and magic.

Slip Knot – East Forest
Living Library – Dream Circle
Yuapunga – East Forest

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