We accidentally filmed a UFO

The mural I saw a few blocks from where the UFO was captured on camera.

On the afternoon of  June 21st, 2013 at 4:15pm we captured a UFO while filming in the Mission District of San Francisco. We did not see this craft or purposefully film this at the time it was shot. This clip essentially showed up on our camera. If that is not bizarre, we don’t know what the hell is! There was also a Hopi Indian mural in the same area which featured an owl in a tree, an alien/human hybrid next to a Gray alien surrounded by space ships and orbs. Owls were all over the walls at Lilac Alley as well as other murals with “Day of the Dead” & Maya/Aztec themes. See some of the photos we shot that day here.

The silver disc is moving very slowly as if its hovering and it’s also tilted sideways. Perhaps its something else, (a government military craft?). Apparently we’ve had advanced alien technology for decades.  It’s also actually extremely rare to capture a craft in the day time. Also Its odd that the camera is holding steady, when we didn’t even know we were filming. Now that’s skill! A scientist suggested said it was probably moving too fast for the naked eye or that it was inter-dimensional and only a camera could have picked it up.

Here’s a longer explanation of what happened afterwards and the potential meaning of the UFO.



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