Time is Art Reviews

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Time and life can truly be art

Time is Art- What a great movie! The great author and visionary Jose Arguelles would be so pleased and proud. That this group of talented people got so completely what he was trying to tell the world when he spoke at The United Nations. We are all enslaved by our watches and the Gregorian Calendar. The Mayan’s knew better. Working with their calendar breaks you out of time as money and work. This wonderful movie talks of how we move and live differently when we step out of time and into creative life and spirituality. Time and life can truly be art and if we accept that everything changes.

Michael Peter Langevin
author of Secrets of the Amazon Shamans

Shifting our perception of time can create new possibilities

Time is Art discusses the failure of our current calendar and how shifting our perception of time can create new possibilities and awaken the divine spark within us all. Works by Manly P. Hall, Carl Jung, and Jose Arguelles are explored, marking an important point in the writer’s journey.

Jeremy D. Johnson

We’re witnessing a significant paradigm shift

In moving away from a materialistic way of living to one that’s inherently more focused on expressing our innate creativity, we’re witnessing a significant paradigm shift in which the prevailing thinking is changing from the notion that “time is money” to, as the film’s title suggests, Time is Art.

Synchronicity is at the heart of Palmer’s self-discovery

Ultimately, “Time is Art” is a timely take on the human experience. Whether you believe that it is time for a shift in our collective consciousness or not, it will nevertheless have you questioning the meaning of your time, reality and all that you perceive. After all, isn’t questioning existence and searching for meaning what the human condition is all about?

Amy Pracilio

Synchronicity Signals Our Bigger Purpose

A non-linear cinematic meditation with the spirit of Samsara/Baraka and a narrative that breaks opens your heart and frees your mind — this is multi-sensory storytelling at its finest. The film’s approach makes it simultaneously unique/timeless, and truly allows you “see with your heart what was once invisible”.

Jennifer Sodini