Time is Art Soundtrack


Original Soundtrack Listing:

1. Something Fiction – Lucid Dream Machine (Spud Crowley’s Glass Realm Remix)
2. East Forest – Chopping The Woods
3. Dream Circle – Dark Star
4. Bachan Kaur – Luz del Bosque
5. Diana Zinni – Kill the Hope
6. It’s Not Night It’s Space – The Gathering
7. WāKEN – Shamanista (Feat. Betty Kay)
8. Dream Circle – The Medicine Man
9. East Forest – Pendulum
10. Diana Zinni – The Moon
11. Dream Circle – So Many Things (Pherixx Downtempo Remix)
12. East Forest – Carry Water



Time is Art Film Soundtrack (Mp3 download)

Support these amazing artists!

Diana Zinni

East Forest

It’s Not Night: It’s Space

Bachan Kaur

WāKEN/Avant Muse

Dream Circle

Something Fiction


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