Why We Should Never Ignore Synchronicity

By The Alchemist 

It’s really freaky sometimes but it’s also a glimpse of what lies beneath our senses. This World, well…our material World, isn’t perfect. Although, almost everything on Earth is made in a way to convince us, that material world is the only truth, there are some moments when we realize that there is so much more. This is the time of synchronicities, a time of Magical Awakening.

Synchronicities and Carl Jung

Synchronicity is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

Roderick Main, in ‘Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal‘ stated very clearly that : “The culmination of Jung’s lifelong engagement with the paranormal is his theory of synchronicity, the view that the structure of reality includes a principle of acausal connection which manifests itself most conspicuously in the form of meaningful coincidences. Difficult, flawed, prone to misrepresentation, this theory none the less remains one of the most suggestive attempts yet made to bring the paranormal within the bounds of intelligibility. It has been found relevant by psychotherapists, parapsychologists, researchers of spiritual experience and a growing number of non-specialists. Indeed, Jung’s writings in this area form an excellent general introduction to the whole field of the paranormal.”

3 Reasons Why We Should NEVER Ignore Synchronicities

  1. Synchronicities are the moments when our Higher Self attempts to establish a magical connection. It’s the moment we actually get a taste of our divine nature. When this happens, our cells and our astral bodies are synchronized with the universe and therefore we channel very important messages for us and our lives the ones we love. Messages we cannot receive in another way.
  2. It’s a window of opportunity. When synchronicities happen, we probably get this very intense feeling when time bends. It bends so we can have the time to act and connect more.
  3. They don’t happen often if we neglect them. We should focus on this signal to magnify its effect.

So let’s get to the chase. Which are the most common and powerful synchronicities?

11:11, time is art, 1111

1. Seeing Repeating Numbers all the time! 

Numbers are the patterns this world is made of. Universe frequently loves to talk to us via numbers and numerology. Do you often see the same number all over you? Is your clock always showing the same number? If you feel hunted by a repeating number you may experience an extremely powerful synchronicity.  Here’s a guide. 

  • What to do if numbers haunt you: If that’s true then you should probably memorize this number and look for the answer that’s probably implied within the digits.

2. Seeing the Same Animals Over and Over Again!

Animals are agents of our Mother Earth. Every species vibrate on a special frequency. When time is right, animals are attracted by cosmic signals, attracting them to special places only to deliver a message. Some animals are harbingers of doom or divine intervention. Here’s a guide of Animal presence. 

Moreover, animals may perform mannerisms or moving patterns, which may form a special kind of symbols or runes.

  • What to do if animals follow you: If certain animals seem to be attracted by your presence you may want to contact the Totem Animal of this species and ask why is this happening.
  • What to do if animals form certain patterns: If this happens memorize the talisman and look for its meaning!

3. Experiencing Déjà-Vu

Déjà-Vu is this feeling when you somehow have lived this exact moment again! This may be a loophole to contact your Higher Self and your Guardian Angel. It’s NO coincidence. On the Contrary, you are Just getting Synchronized with your Magical Powers, experiencing an amazing moment of truth!

  • What to do if you have a Déjà-Vu: Meditate right Now! If possible, stop what you are doing and go to a meditative state. Ask Yourself (your Higher Self) why are you feeling this? If you pay attention to this feeling, Déjà-Vu will come back again! I’ve actually experience a 30minutes Déjà-Vu, knowing EXACTLY what is going to happen, before actually happening! You can do it!

4. Thinking of Someone and then seeing him/her or receiving a phone call 

This is an amazing synchronicity. It’s been a while since you last talked to Mary. By against all odds, you are somehow thinking of her! Then, right after a while, you  actually greet her in the streets or you receive a call or text from her! Coincidence? No of course not. Do you know what are chances for this to happen? Believe me, it’s more possible to win the lottery.

But why is this happening? Probably because you developed a strong telepathic link which actually led to this amazing communication, attracting each other.

  • What to do if this happens: You should probably start trying to develop your telepathic abilities. Moreover, you should try to figure out, why did this happen with this person. What does this person symbolizes for you? Could this be an omen?

5. Thinking of an Old Song and then immediately listening to it 

What an odd situation. Again, this is extremely ‘lucky’ because the chances to win the lottery are of course higher. It is no coincidence.

But why does this happen? Maybe because you start to develop prophetic abilities, receiving glances of the future. You are probably extremely intuitive and this power is expressed this way, so you can take it seriously, without any doubt!

  • What to do: If this happens, HAVE FUN WITH THE SONG! Show the universe how much you appreciate it! Send a grateful message. When the song is gone, go to a meditative state and ask your Higher Self what did this mean. Is the song an omen trying to prepare you for something that’s coming? Maybe it’s an advice? Keep of asking for signs! Here’s a guide!

6. Hearing the Answer to a Question that bothers you from a Random Stranger 

You are bothered by something yet you don’t know what’s the right answer. And then, someone is saying something on the phone, which you accidentally happen to hear! Could what he just said be the answer to your Question?

It’s very common to receive a solution from a random stranger who is accidentally speaking to his friend or saying something on the phone. They say that God(s) works in mysterious ways. This might be a divine intervention, this might be the ‘voice of God’ speaking to you directly.

  • What to do: If this happens, try to remember the conversation. Observe what is happening around this stranger. What is s/he wearing? Memorize the message and the colors which may actually serve as messengers. Here’s a guide for Color Messages. 

time is art, film, movie, documentary

7. Something Reminds you of Dream you had Last Night

Throughout human history, it’s extremely common to receive divine messages via Dream World. Many prophets or Saints had the ability to foresee the future through important dreams.

Witches know that Dreams are a Realm, equally real to our Material One. Moreover, s/he who has mastered to willingly travel to the Real of Dreams is called Dreamworker or ‘Dreamwalker.

  • What to do if this happens: To access the Realm of Dreams requires patience and practice. However, if something like this happens you need to write it down and begin a Dreamjournal. This will help you monitor your experiences in the Dream World which may actually be much more meaningful that you might think. See here how to do so. 

Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom

[An excerpt from Chapter One of “Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom”, a book by Lori Tompkins which illuminates ancient and modern-day gnosis of the Geometry of Time, and its role in the evolution of consciousness.]

In the early hours of February 7, 2016, I woke up with the above image of the vesica piscis in my head, measures included.… I knew as I woke up that the equivalence between the Sun’s 432,000-mile radius and the 432,000″ arc of the radius was established long ago and that it was a key of recovering…the Vedic Rishis’ sanatana dharma [or eternal law of Being and Becoming]. The next day I remembered that the Rig Veda itself is said to contain 432,000 syllables.

The feeling that came with the 4:32 a.m. vesica piscis vision, was a feeling of victory. It seemed that in and of itself the ancient equivalence between the measure of the vesica piscis and the measure of the Sun was going to help reestablish the singular context of the entirety of India’s deities, myths, rituals, symbols and measures, which have become disconnected and taken out of context in India and across the world via different languages, religious sects, and our fragmented mental consciousness like a widely scattered jigsaw puzzle or a long-drawn-out game of “Telephone” [1]. I felt that the realization of the vesica piscis would shed light not only on the trayi vidya (triadic gnosis) of the ancient Vedic Rishis, but also on the trayi vidya of modern-era Rishis Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea who have recovered the triadic Soul of Vedic Wisdom in our day and age, over the course of the past 144 years [2].

I also had the impression that coming to know and appreciate the vesica piscis as a key of Vedic Gnosis will demand a shift in consciousness, because it is a key that has come forth entirely via supramental means. The process by which this key has revealed itself has demonstrated a certain mathematical precision and supramental control over the unified field of Time and Space. This supramental or divine control is experienced as the orderly, coherent, cohesive and multi-dimensional unfolding of a divine singularity which extends itself into the multitude of details, circumstances and geometry of life. It is experienced as a profound convergence wherein ALL is known to be coinciding. All that was, is and will be is simultaneously experienced as one superconscious or all-conscious field of Being and Becoming. All is experienced as Divine Synchronicity organized by the Soul’s truth, force and consciousness. From the mind’s fragmented point of view, this kind of divine control over the whole of creation does not exist, or it exists only in terms of belief or faith, not as how we see and experience our mundane environment. The supramental yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea has been a combined effort to open the doors of this higher seeing and experience of our Self. Their triadic yoga has been one extended maha yoga, or great yoga, fulfilling the Vedic mission of restoring the lost Sun or truth-consciousness of the Rishis’ sanatana dharma by which our fragmented consciousness is re-yoked and made whole. Central to this mission has been the reestablishment of the Oneness of Spirit and Matter (the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine) in human consciousness.

vedic geometry

In the superconscient truth of the Self-Existence these two [Ishwara-Shakti, the Divine Self and Creator and the Divine Mother and Creatrix of the universe] are fused and implied in each other, one and indistinguishable, but in the spiritual-pragmatic truth of the dynamism of the universe, they emerge and become active; the Divine Mother – Energy as the universal creatrix, Maya, Para-Prakriti, Chit-Shakti, manifests the cosmic Self and Ishwara and her own self-power as a dual principle; it is through her that the Being, the Self, the Ishwara, acts and he does nothing except by her; though his Will is implicit in her, it is she who works out all as the supreme Consciousness-Force who holds all souls and beings within her and as executive Nature; all exists and acts according to Nature, all is the Consciousness-Force manifesting and playing with the Being in millions of forms and movements into which she casts his existence…. If we would realise a higher formation or status of being, then it is still through her, through the Divine Shakti, the Consciousness-Force of the Spirit that it has to be done; our surrender must be to the Divine Being through the Divine Mother: for it is towards or into the supreme Nature that our ascension has to take place and it can only be done by the supramental Shakti taking up our mentality and transforming it into her supramentality. A certain difficulty arises for our mind in reconciling these different faces or fronts of the One Self and Spirit, because we are obliged to use abstract conceptions and defining words and ideas for something that is not abstract, something that is spiritually living and intensely real.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, CWSA, Volumes 21-22, pp. 371-72

[D]harma, the law is that which holds things together and to which we hold….

Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, CWSA, Volume 15, p. 512

There is a mighty law of life, a great principle of human evolution, a body of spiritual knowledge and experience of which India has always been destined to be guardian, exemplar and missionary. This is the sanatana dharma, the eternal religion. Under the stress of alien impacts she has largely lost hold not of the structure of that dharma, but of its living reality. For the religion of India is nothing if it is not lived. It has to be applied not only to life, but to the whole of life…. We believe that it is to make the yoga the ideal of human life that India rises today; by the yoga she will get the strength to realise her freedom, unity and greatness, by the yoga she will keep the strength to preserve it.

Sri Aurobindo, Karmayogin, CWSA, Volume 8, p. 24

This book unfolded as a journey of discovery. I followed the trail of the vesica piscis as it revealed more and more of its hidden and eternal truth to me. The first chapters are an attempt to establish the singular Vedic context, lens or field in which the vesica piscis emerges as a master key. This is the lens or field of the Circle. For the Rishi or Seer, the Circle is the Divine Eye and Kshetra (field) of the One Deva – the God of all Gods. It is the unified field of the Soul’s journey or yajna in Time and Space. After laying down this layer, I then followed the thread of the triple law of the radius, vesica piscis and circle discussing how it applies to the measure of the Kali Yuga and the Maha Yuga cycle. This thread subsequently led to the discovery of how the lore of Vishnu’s ten avatars arise out of the geometry of the vesica piscis. After discussing the lore of Vishnu’s avatars in the light of this discovery, came the full descent of the vesica piscis’s role in the recovery of Vedic Gnosis, which forms Part Two of this book. [– End of Excerpt –]

‘Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom’ is available on Amazon.com, Amazon.In and Flipkart. The Book’s Trailer is on Youtube. It also has a Facebook page. The author’s website is www.360lotus.com, and her blog is Integral Yoga Studies.

[1] In this game (a.k.a. “Chinese Whispers”), a message is whispered from ear to ear in a group, and the last to hear it reveals how the badly message has been distorted.
[2] August 15, 2016 marked Sri Aurobindo’s 144th birth anniversary.

Is Time Flying? Here are the Metaphysics

time is artIsn’t time flying? Doesn’t it seem like it was just a short while ago that another questionable person was “elected” president?

Where is the time going?

From a physical perspective it feels like “time” is speeding up and everything is happening faster. But is it really?

From a metaphysical perspective this is what is happening; we know that “time” IS speeding up. Remember, we are going from the 4th dimension where we experience length, width, height and the 4th dimension of time; to the 5th dimension, where humans will now begin to experience the same 4 dimensions and a new dimension of time, which is “non-linear time.” So the 5th dimension will be 3 of space and two of time. 3+2= 5 dimensions or the 5th dimension.

We already know what the experience of the 4th dimension of time is like, it is linear. It is a step by step process. It is like experiencing ALL the frames in a movie film strip. Frame by frame and none can be skipped. If you want to go somewhere you have to go through all the steps/frames. If we want to go to London, we have to get on a plane and sit for 6 or so hours, or take a boat etc. But in the new 5th dimension, where we are well on are way into, that second dimension of time is “non-linear.” Non-linear time time allows us to be able to simply set our intention to go to London and we get to “skip” all the steps/frames in the middle. Bam! We are in London.

This is what lies ahead for humanity. In the beginning we will use it for things like travel and we will see it as a form of “teleportation.” Because that is what a 4th dimensional being calls such magical abilities. But what it really is, is just non linear experience of time. Remember, there is no such thing as supernatural, just nature that we have not realized as truth yet. We never left heaven, or the spirit world, we are still there. We have simply devolved to a level of consciousness that has forgotten. Evolution is simply remembering what we already knew. We wont go to heaven, we will grow to heaven.

This is where we are headed. It is a process that will unfold over time, but when we look back it will seem as if it took no time at all. In fact, we are already experiencing it.  I remember the morning I found out Trump won. How long does it feel to you?  Does it feel like time is moving faster or speeding up in general?

Our experience of time is what is changing

Well if you answered yes to any of the above, you may agree when I share that yes, time is speeding up. Our experience of time is speeding up. There is a quickening, if you will. It is a symptom of the speeding up of the vibration of our consciousness. And it is the change in the frequency of our consciousness that is making our experience of time feel different.

Remember, we are simply experiential beings. “human beings,” and in any given now moment of existence all we can do is experience what is happening at any given moment. We experience via awareness. If something is happening around us, but we are not aware of it, it simply did not happen for us. We have to be “conscious” of it. So consciousness and awareness are congruent. We are therefore consciousness incarnate in bodily vessels. Our being, our souls, which is who we truly are, peers out from behind our windows to this world, our eyes. Our conscious spirit uses our bodily senses to experience physical reality.

Consciousness, like everything else in physical reality, is a vibration; vibrating at a specific frequency. It can speed up and it can slow down. Scientists know that when we are happy, this frequency goes up, and visa versa when we are sad.

Scientists have been able to create helmets and other devices that we can wear which allows us to “move things with our minds.” This is a reality. The helmets are simply reading the resonance frequency of our individual consciousness. Remember, that is all we are, conscious beings who have awareness of what is happening. And it should be no surprise that our consciousness does have a specific range that can be measured in Hertz.

Now the studies on the frequencies of consciousness is not something I can share specific numbers on, because most of our mainstream scientist today only focus on the physical sciences(science or physics) and not the non-physical sciences that are consciousness (metaphysics). But what there is plenty of studies and data on is the vibrational frequencies of the “brain.” We all know about the different measurable vibrational frequencies of the brain right? We have heard about beta, alpha, delta and gamma waves, which are what were found to be the vibrational frequencies, in hertz, to the different waking states of our brain. That when we are awake and walking around our brain waves (vibrational frequency) are said to be at “beta waves” which are anywhere between 13-30Hz in vibrational frequency. And as we get sleepy and go to sleep, we are said to be in Alpha Waves; which are slower and said to be between 8-13Hz in vibration. As the chart below indicates, our brain waves can get even slower to that of Theta and Delta Waves.

We hear a lot about Beta, Alpha, Delta and Theta a lot, but there is one that scientist were not talking about at all. It was not until recently in the last year or two that I am seeing and hearing about Gamma Waves. Gamma is a high frequential state of consciousness that can be obtained from certain alert and lucid, meditative practices. I first learned about obtaining the gamma wave as it was presented by Bashar, a 5th dimensional being, who is channeled by Darryl Anka.

brain waves
By raising our brainwaves to gamma, we have actually also raised the frequency of our consciousness, our awareness, also to a higher frequency.

This brings us back full circle to the topic of why it feels like time is speeding up. This is because we are conscious beings. And as the vibration of our consciousness raises, so does our awareness. Let me explain; animals like dogs, can only experience the 3 dimensions of space, and not the 4th dimension of time. They are not capable of being aware of time. But the experience of time is always here to be experienced right? They just lack awareness or understanding what is already there. Think of it like this; their vibrational frequency, which can be thought of as a CPU in a computer, is not processing things fast enough to obtain the needed awareness. Remember, all a CPU does is provide computations at a certain Hz speed right? The faster the CPU the higher the Hz right? You can do more with a 7 Megahertz CPU that a 1.4 MegaHertz one right? In fact, we all want our computers to have the fastest CPU possible if we can right?

And so we see that animals do not have the conscious awareness(HZ) to experience time. But in a million years, give or take, they will right? As they evolve.

Humanity is just basically an animal, whose genetics have evolved to where we have the technology, our consciousness, which vibrates much faster than animals, so we classified ourselves as mammals. Why? Because we had such different abilities, that it set us apart to the degree where felt the need to be classified differently. Well, guess what most of these different abilities surround………you guessed it, consciousness.

Our main difference from animals:

Our consciousness (brain waves) vibrates at a faster Hz speed. We are aware of a thing called linear time, (making us 4D beings and animals 3D beings.) We have a higher ability to reason. Higher logics. Which simply means that we are able to process what is happening, faster. We can utilize more of the nature that is already here to begin with. Make tools from what was already here. Use electricity from what was already here but what a dog is not aware of.

Although these difference are amazing and all, you will notice that the root difference between us and animals just rotates around our having a higher degree of awareness than they do. Ergo, the main thing that separates us from an animal, is the same thing that separates said animal from a plant. Paradoxically, consciousness appears to be the very difference that binds us. Conscious awareness of that which is already here and available in creation.

This brings us back around again, full circle, for the second time, as circles tend to do; to explaining why it is that it “feels” like time is speeding up. Because the experience of it is, and the experience makes it real.

Everything in our solar system, a system named after our star, Sol, is speeding up.

Everything in our system follows our star Sol as it spirals through infinite space. Everything in our star system also receives instruction from Sol, which is also a conscious being in itself. A being of a much higher frequential consciousness level than that of humanity for sure. More of you reading this may find yourself more open to the idea that our Star may be a higher consciousness being, because you have now been shown how it is something can exist and be true but the beholder may simply not have the consciousness level to comprehend how it is possible. As we explained with animals and time. So not wanting to be ignorant, we remain open to the possibilities that this is such a case; given that this is what we are told time and time again by our higher dimensional friends.

Bashar and other 5th dimensional and higher beings have shared with us that there are up to 12 dimensions in our physical universe and humanity is mostly on the 4th dimension and is headed to the 5th dimension. That in order to incarnate as a planet or a star one must hold awareness at the 9th dimensional level. So our star, Sol is at least of the 9th dimension level of awareness. It is a grand game, this holographic Universe in which find ourselves. Many players on many levels. Hence why it is said that we are multi-dimensional beings.

And what can a 9th dimensional Planet or Star possible be aware of that a 4th dimensional human can not? What is already here in creation that they are conscious of that we humans can not quite comprehend yet? Many many things. I offer this one thing that came to my mind immediately as I was writing this….

That of the nature of love.

Humanity, as a whole, is not quite capable of comprehending fully what love truly is. What we see and experience and think love is, is but a grain of sand. What our star Sol and our Planet Gaia can see of love is what equates to the sand on the beaches of 10 billion planets. That is why one conscious level shines its life giving vibrational frequency, that which we call light, to us 24/7…for free, for all to have at no cost. Unconditionally, so that we can create and have our reality here on Earth. And another level of consciousness, a human leader, takes that same free energy and withhold it from his fellow humans, unless they give over their energy to him in the form of labor.

Far too many humans in the 4th dimension have no idea what love truly is, or they would not participate in all the unloving things that are created on Earth.

Like the dog we have been unable to see the possibilities that are already here. To change. To evolve. To be more loving.

But evolution is a process that happens slowly over time, and over time, humanity has become more loving. In fact, all the negativity, all the corruption, all the blood shed we are seeing more and more in the news today, have been what?……here all the time. And so we see that it is a paradoxically positive thing that we are now seeing it more and more. This means that we are gaining awareness. And awareness equates to what?….. Awareness is consciousness. We are evolving consciously into the next higher level, the 5th Dimension.

And so we can say with certainty that the consciousness level of humanity is rising. And since consciousness is vibrational in nature, this also means that the vibrational resonance of humanity’s consciousness is raising. This is how we are going from the 4th dimension to the 5th dimension. We are not going to the 5th dimension, we are growing to the 5th dimension.

The Cause That is Affecting our Shift in Consciousness is our star Sol

And yes, since we live in a cause and affect Universe, which simply means that there is a universal law that states that nothing can happen unless something causes it to happen, then we can surmise that it is our star Sol that has raised its vibration, and in turn is affecting the entire star system’s vibrational resonance as well. This is accomplished through the known physics, I like to call, the nature of vibrational harmonic resonance. For instance, if we ring a tuning fork which is set to a specific frequency, and place it next to another tuning fork that is not resonating at all, the new tuning fork will start to resonate to the exact vibrational frequency of the first. This is known as the law of vibrational harmonics. It is an unbreakable law. You place a hot metal near a cold metal and the cold metal will warm up.

Well our entire star system has been heating up. To the point where Pluto, an ice planet, has melted and became diminished in size, causing our main stream scientist to issue propaganda that it was never a planet to begin with. Not wanting to have the discussion however, of the fact that it is made of ice, was once larger in diameter, and is now smaller. Hmmm, I wonder what can make ice reduce in size? Heat? You think?

And so we see, because of Sol, our Earth is also heating up. Bashar has explained to us that this is MOSTLY because of the fact that our star, Sol, has raised its frequency, as part of a natural cycle of occurrences in our star system. A completion of a very long cycle where Sol raises its vibration and through the law of vibrational harmonics, also starts to resonate everything in its vicinity. And everything in our solar system responds in kind to the laws of vibrational harmonics, and rise in frequency.

As the consciousness level of humanity is rising, has risen, and will continue to rise, we are beginning to see and experience, become aware of the affects that these new higher vibrations are having on us. The step by step, frame by frame experience which is the normal 4th dimension is slowly going away. Slowly collapsing. We are starting to skip the frames of reality that are in between the so called important events in our lives. And so now what seemed like a year is now feeling more like 6 months. For me it was a gradual decline from a year feeling like a year, to 10 months, to 8, and now a year feels like about 3 months to me. Using the old standard feeling of time.

Many of us are also experiencing much more of what many are calling ascension symptoms. So, yes, the times they are a changin’; as they say. It is speeding up, or appears to be speeding up. This will continue until, believe it or not, a year will feel like about a week. Remember though, as the experience of the way time feels gets shorter, this feeling will also become more and more of the norm. And eventually we will evolve to this feeling, this thing, this experience where it will just be now all the time. And when that happens we will let go of the out dated ideas of past and future, which are just concepts. Tools which humanity and 4th dimensional beings create within the boundaries of our limited consciousness which could not understand or fully process the concept, the idea that there is just eternal NOW. What time is it? It is now. It is always now. Now is the only true time. But we were not ready to see or comprehend this simple idea, so we created permission slips called past now and future now. But that was the 4th dimensional experience of what is linear-time. Once we are just experiencing now, we will drop the outdated ideas we used to call past and future, similar to how we let go of Blockbuster Videos. Seemingly overnight.

Once we hit this now time singularity awareness, well that is when the fun starts. Because it is from there, where we will be able to see and grasp the ideas that:

Time and space are just different points of view of the same thing. 2 sides of the same coin. That is why as you increase one, the other is equally decreased. It always adds up to 100%.
There is just one now moment and time was an illusion. The time is always now.
Then the idea of space is also just an illusion and everything is also here and now. Meaning we have the ability to be anywhere and anytime. Its just a matter of learning how to do it. In fact certain humans under the cloak of secret programs have already learned how to do it from Extra Terrestrial and Extra Dimensional beings. Their lack of awareness of what love truly is, has prevented them from sharing it with the rest of us, for now. This will soon change.

Because our star, through the laws of vibrational harmonics, is now raising our consciousness level. We will soon be able to experience, and be fully aware of the eternal now, and the eternal now only. We will not be able to experience anything else but now.

As our experience of time changes, so will our thoughts about it. In that moment when our thoughts and beliefs around time changes, it is then that we will see that our thoughts truly do create our reality. Because in that moment, the Universe, which is only a mirror of our collective beliefs, will reflect back a reality in which we can experience time in any direction we choose. Backwards, forwards, side to side (parallel timelines), the whole shabang. Because that is the nature of reality which was already there to begin with. We were just not able to see it. because we did not have the CPU speed, consciously, to comprehend it.

It does not matter if you are ready today to accept all this as your truth. Now that we know the possibilities, we will not be too surprised if in the not too distant future, we find ourselves standing next to our higher selves as they say: “welcome to the 5th dimension.”

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