A Celebration of Indigenous Peoples

indigenous peoples dayA lot of folks work long and hard to make Indigenous Peoples’ Day happen every year. 

Some people don’t agree, (The Federalist, 10/9/2017). According to them, Native American tribes were savages who only did savage things to one another and to the white settlers. “Hardly worth celebrating,” they say.

Could we back off the white supremacy stance for just one day? Even ignoring the obvious point about white human savagery around the globe, (aka multinational corporations all mostly ran by white men), the challenge here is to get folks to be open to a shift in cultural perspective.

Try this: Columbus didn’t discover America, he discovered a place Italians were ignorant about, a place where indigenous people had been living for thousands of years. He also enslaved and tortured the natives as most colonists did. Captain Cook didn’t discover Hawaii or Australia or Newfoundland. He discovered places the British people had not known about, places that had had indigenous populations for centuries.

Sorry, politicians, but you don’t get to decide what becomes of this day or wether or not it should be a national holiday replacing Columbus Day. Indigenous People get to say, totally without your input, what they want/need to make of this day, and what they want the rest of us to make of this day.

The possibilities are profound and inexhaustible. Having this one day of the year to celebrate indigenous people is like having one Women’s Day or one Civil Rights Day a year. Honing the focus is a preposterous task. It could be:

  • A celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ language, art, music, literature, culture.
  • A forum on reforming school curriculum vis a vis the indigenous population
  • A day of historical and cultural awareness activities – Polynesian, Alaskan, Native American
  • A day of political action groups, preparing a nation-wide agenda for social justice, environmental justice and political participation
  • A day of honoring the ancestors with storytelling and ceremonies
  • A day of fund raising – to address urgent causes, such as the missing and feared dead indigenous women, the need for teen activity centers or solar installations

It could be all or none of the above. It will be what indigenous people want it to be. Let’s take our cues from the ancestors, grandmothers, teachers, activists and civic leaders. Let’s not presume to know what it should be.

If white people want to have input on what Indigenous Peoples’ Day should focus on, let’s start with an examination of our contributions to the marginalization of indigenous people. Let’s have the courage to delve into topics like white fragility and white supremacy.

We could spend the day learning about the history of white colonization from other than a white perspective. Let’s learn all we can about modern-day colonization issues in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam by talking to the people who have called those places home for generations. How do native Hawaiians and Alaskans feel today about statehood?

We can become more informed about today’s indigenous rights issues. On Indigenous People’s Day every year, let’s develop a new appreciation for the contributions of indigenous people to the story of America.

By Susan Anderson via Living As Equals

Join the celebration honoring Water Protectors Oct 7th-8th in NYC. More info at Redhawkcouncil.org

Time is Art Screening + Retreat

tampa, time is art, screening, tampa palace, sept 27

Thursday, September 27, 7:30pm
Tampa Theater | 711 N Franklin St. Tampa, FL 33602

SyncLife1320 presents a FREE networking reception and community screening of the acclaimed documentary, Time Is Art: Synchronicity and the Collective Dream at Tampa’s Non-Profit Movie Palace.

This inspiring film follows an aspiring writer who is compelled to make sense of the mysterious and powerful energy she felt at her aunt’s deathbed. A series of strange coincidences leads her on an exploration of synchronicity – the concept that everything is interconnected, and that time is not so much a chronology as it is an infinite cycle. Considering herself something of a skeptic, she treads the fine line between nervous breakdown and ecstatic revelation as she seeks out guides in her search for answers. Together, they explore a reality where time is transformed from a unit that can be measured and commodified -“Time is money”- to an experience of oneness with the natural rhythms of nature and the universe. It is here that the writer discovers that time is, in fact, art.

Inspired by acclaimed & visionary author José Argüelles’ studies in ancient indigenous wisdom and presented as a cinematic meditation along the lines of Waking Life and SamsaraTime Is Art takes an experimental approach that allows us to experience reality as Jennifer begins to see it – one less concerned with linear storytelling, and more open to the cyclical patterns of nature, the hidden meanings of symbols, and the dreamlike overlapping of people, places, and moments. Compelling conversations with fellow seekers Toko-Pa Turner, Richard Tarnas, Amy Lansky, Graham Hancock, Daniel Pinchbeck and Rupert Sheldrake as well as artists and activists guide us through the underlying premise of the film: perhaps we can tap into a way of being that is not ruled by a finite sense of time, but rather by the ability to live in harmony with the true creative nature of our existence.

This event is FREE and open to the public. No tickets are needed.

The pre-film reception begins at 6:00pm. Following the 7:30pm screening, please stay for a panel discussion and audience Q&A with the filmmakers, and an optional sound bath experience with Omboy Rome that will begin at 9:30pm (suggested sound bath donation is $20). For more information about SyncLife1320 and their two-day Time Is Art retreat, visit www.synclife1320.com

Join us for an Insightful Experience by SyncLife1320

September 29th & 30th we invite you to an exclusive 2 night retreat on beautiful Alafia River in central Florida.

Reconnect with nature, Connect with like-minded souls

Practice QiGong & Yoga, Guided Meditations & Pranayama, Sound healing, Art Therapy & Life Coaching & more.

Get Synced with natural time & the laws of the universe per the ancient Maya.

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Create a vision for your future.

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Plant based diet will be served & catered.

All dietary restrictions & allergies will be considered please advise.
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Transcending the chaos

art by Dan Singh @heyimadethisforyou

Today, perhaps more than any other time in human history, we are seeing the rebirth of a unity consciousness that incorporates many ancient streams of knowledge with the desire to write a new destiny for the human race. This rekindling of ancient wisdom with modern day mysticism is being brought about by the quest to bring a deeper meaning into a world that seems to have lost it; a fast-paced, materialistic world that seems to be obsessed with violence, death, and killing. Perhaps one of the reasons this resurgence is needed is because we can see how badly the world needs balance. We feel it personally in the stress of our daily lives, the imbalance of our relationships, and the ecological crisis of the Earth herself.

Yet in the midst of this chaos there is a new kind of human being born, a being that I call homo luminous; a man or woman of inner light who may perhaps be the next step in our evolution as a species. These are people who yearn to create the type of world where war, pollution, and struggle are a thing of the past; who have an innate sense of the sacredness of life and are committed to finding a way back to it. As forerunners to this more enlightened kind of human, we seek to move past the distractions in our outer world to find a more eternal Truth. We want to transcend the chaos of our heavy-handed politics, our materially co-opted media, our patriarchal religions, and the dysfunctional patterns of our relationships that have been handed down by our families. We are people who search for the beautiful, the true and the eternal. These luminous human beings know that in order to bring a new and better world into being, they must somehow align with these more eternal principles, if the world we are living in now is to ever heal.

art by Dan Singh @heyimadethisforyou

But discovering what has caused this imbalance in the world is not an easy task. Untangling the strings of history, culture, religion and power is not something generally discussed on the evening news. My book The Return of the Divine Sophia is a journey towards unraveling these elements of cultural belief that have caused us to fall out of rhythm with the Cosmos. By understanding how our past has shaped our present, and how our theological beliefs have programmed our societies, we can then chose whether to continue the path we are on, or rewrite our own destinies.

The ancient Mysteries of the past hold certain keys to recovering this inner balance that can help us to transform our world. These ancient teachings were taught within the great Mystery Schools some 4000 years before the birth of Jesus, and some 400 years after the Crucifixion. These sages saw the Universe as infinitely vast, and also profoundly personal, embracing the concepts of both God Within and God Without, concepts that we now call Immanence and Transcendence. They reconciled the disciplines of philosophy, religion, and science into one unified field, and they honored the Creator of the Universe as the Divine Father and Mother of the All.

At the heart of this wisdom is an inner alchemy that Jesus called the Way. It is a path of integration and transformation that embraces both the divine masculine and feminine within the heart. It is the inner path of Sacred Union taught by Jesus and by Mary Magdalene, but these teachings have also been taught by Thoth, the god of wisdom in ancient Egypt, by sages in Taoism and the Sufi world, and in the Old Religions of the Goddess, with people who lived close to the land and the natural cycles of nature. Intrinsic to the Way is the reclaiming of the Divine Father/Mother God within the heart. This creates a wave of enlightenment for ourselves and our societies… giving us the power to change our world.

Many of these secrets were encoded in the language of sacred myth and story so that they would not be forgotten, yet most of us can no longer translate the meanings behind this symbolism, steeped as we are in a less than enlightened society. It is only now as we embrace the sciences of astronomy, cosmology, genetics, biology, and quantum physics that we are really beginning to understand how these “myths” are really founded on deeper truths. We must explore the teachings of the Goddess, the inner alchemy of Union, the wisdom of the Masters, to discover the path that will lead us back to wholeness as a planet.

by Tricia McCannon, author of The Return of the Divine Sophia