The Chrononaut (Time Traveller) Phenomenon

timetravelby Dr. Bruce Goldberg

The very idea that our species in the future (my clinical cases suggest 1,000 to 3,000 years ahead of our current time) can travel back in time physically to interact with us seems preposterous to many. However, this paradigm is based on solid mathematical models such as:

Caltech astrophysicists Kip Thorne, Michael Morris and Ulvi Yurtserver conclude that this form of time travel will not violate causality. They present their findings in the Physical Review Letters of September 26, 1988 in an article titled, “Wormholes, Time Machines and the weak energy condition.”

Stephen Hawking, the Cambridge University Professor and author of A Brief History of Time who recently passed, also concurs that it is theoretically possible to travel back in time without violating causality. Dr. Hawking is considered by many as the greatest mind of the half of the 20th century.

The work of Kip Thorne, an astrophysicist from Cal Tech, theorizes a form of hyperspace travel through hyper-universe by futuristic humans, thus avoiding the need of “time machines” per se.

The research of the South Carolina theoretical physicist Yakir Aharnov, a former associate of David Bohm also confirms this theory. We must first define hyperspace as everything that is beyond our four-dimensional space-time universe. The Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan proposed a ten-dimensional and twenty-six dimensional model of the universe.

Returning to the concept of abductees, my clinical experience since 1974 and working with nearly 100 abductees suggest the following paradigm:

Abductions begin at ages 4 to 7 and persist to around the age of 40.

Although reproductive experiments are conducted (eggs and sperm samples are taken), the main purpose of these chrononauts is to monitor our spiritual growth.

These time travelers (chrononauts) function as our “guardian angels” by placing attackers in suspended animation states to allow our escape and so on. They can manipulate our physical laws to assist us in time of need.

These chrononauts follow us from lifetime to lifetime. They trace our soul back to our previous lives and monitor our spiritual unfoldment.

The origin of these time travelers is Earth from 1,000 to 3,000 years in the future.

The past 500 years has seen a significant increase in the quantity of their monitoring and abductions.

Fertility problems are quite common in these futuristic humans.

Their physical appearance is often (but not always) that of the classic insect alien, with large oval eyes and no hair.

Usually, we find one tall, thin chrononaut who functions as the leader, and occasional telepathically communicates with the abductee. Several smaller beings are present. Their communication is also by telepathy, but they rarely interact with the abductee. The abductee is somehow shut out of their communication.

time travelAbout twenty-five percent of these time travelers are pure human. These six to seven feet tall, blue-eyed, blond humans are always dressed in a white robe and are in charge of all these aliens.

The ultimate purpose of these time travelers is to facilitate the perfection of the human soul to allow for ascension and the end of the karmic cycles. As we grow spiritually, so do they. They are us in the future.

There are parallel universes in the future with many wars, emotional problems, pollution, etc. that can be averted by assisting us (in that same parallel universe) now in our spiritual progress.

I refer you to my first book, Past Lives-Future Lives (Ballantine), during which I depict lives as far forward as the 38th century, some of which will be quite negative.

The facts that these chrononauts abduct us throughout our lives is equivalent to our zoologist tagging lions, dolphins and other animals for study. The added variables in these cases are time and previous incarnations.

According to well established models of quantum physics, information is simultaneously flowing from the past to the future and from the future to the past. None of this information or choices (parallel universe) exist until we observe them. It is these quantum waves that carry this information to an infinite number of parallel universes that appear to fit into five broad paths or frequencies, according to my experience with over 6,000 progressions since discovering this field in 1977. We are quite capable of communicating with both our past and future (regression and progression hypnotic techniques, for example). I refer you to my books, Soul Healing and The Search for Grace for detailed case histories.

The three-dimensional world we normally observe consists of length, width and depth. Time is added as the fourth dimension to this paradigm. In reality, time is the fourth dimension of the space-time continuum. To our concept of existence we must now add a fifth dimension of parallel lives occurring on parallel universe, as well as hyperspace in general.

My clinical experience since 1977 of conducting over 6,000 hypnotic age progression and future life progression, along with over 35,000 past life and parallel life explorations, reveals that there are five broad categories or frequencies. Each parallel universe class has an infinite number of subdivisions.

Time travelers use some form of hyperspace engineering and enter a wormhole to transport themselves back in time through some type of hyper-universe to our century. Mathematical models for this paradigm are well established, so let us discuss this in detail using the subatomic model.

We can travel to a parallel universe, according to quantum mechanics, when a jump through a region in the interior of a rotating black hole occurs and where the universe layers by way of a wormhole. leading to a white hole. Singularities are those areas of space-time where large distortions and possible tears in fabric of space-time appear. These singularities exist in the centers of black holes.

A wormhole is a connection between white holes and black holes that is constantly materializing and dematerializing. It connects every black hole with its white hole counterpart. These wormholes are time machines that do not violate causality. We travel in time to the past, parallel universe and the future, when there is a jump through a singularity in the interior of a rotating black hole-where all universe layers meet.

The very same mechanism that creates black holes produces white holes. One difference between the two is that the time sequence is reversed. At the quantum level there is no such thing as a direction of time, such as past or future. All events occur and exist simultaneously. A quantum foam contains wormholes that function to connect any event with any other event.

White hole time sequence are opposite from those of black holes. We would observe a universe on the white hole side running back in time. The inhabitants of this white hole universe would be oblivious to this, as for them everything would be proceeding normally. To our eyes, it would appear as a movie running in reverse.

When we journey from the present to the future and back to the present, we are experiencing a time-loop. This could also be exhibited by traveling from the present to the past and back to the present, as in the case of chrononauts. One theoretical paradox with time-loops is that what happens if we traveled back in time and accidentally cause the death of our grandfather or grandmother when they were a child. Wouldn’t this cause us to be nonexistent? The answer is yes, but only in one parallel universe. We would exist in the other four frequencies (based upon my five frequency paradigm) where this disaster did not occur. Each parallel universe represents the fifth dimension and thus hyerspace. We must understand that according to quantum mechanics, we are much more than external observers of the universe. We cannot separate ourselves from the very events that we are observing, and these observations determine the final outcome of events themselves. It is our consciousness that defines the past, present and future-not the universe. There is thus no violation of causality in traveling back, sideways or forward in time. We, in effect, create our own reality through the use of our mind. Our minds are time machines and are capable of traveling into the past, future and parallel time periods to give meaning to our existence on this planet and, if used properly, to psychically empower us to achieve our true karmic purpose.

This very same mechanism is used by chrononauts on a macro universe scale to physically travel back in time to study us. They use this principle to go forward in time too, as some of these time travelers from 1,000 years in our future have indeed communicated with chrononauts from 2,000 and 3,000 years in the future! Listen to these time travelers and always facilitate your spiritual growth. The future is now – be ready to receive it.

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The Mystery We Call God


One fish said to another, “I don’t believe in water!”

I once had a dream in Latin. It said: Cogito ergo sum ergo scivio deus est. The first part is Descartes’ famous saying I think therefore I am, but then it continues, therefore I [can] know God is!

I woke my dear husband up and he wrote it down on a scrap of paper. This message gave me sympathy for those who are agnostics or atheists. Having been both in my younger years it gave me a new way of countering the dilemma. There is a ‘Catch-22’ in their argument. Here it goes: the skeptic argues that since science cannot prove the existence of God, and evolution is provable, the conclusion must be that the cosmos came into being by chance.

This is a somewhat specious argument because – granted that he is right – he, himself, must also be the product of chance. In which case, of what possible value is his opinion!

I like the quote of an Indian physicist: “The greatest discovery of science in the 20th century is of its own limitations.”

I became an atheist in Portugal at the age of 11, having been overdosed with Christianity in European boarding schools. I solemnly announced this to my mother, who asked me why. I replied that no one was going to convince me that any old snake hung on a tree and spoke English. “Probably Hebrew,” my mother smiled and murmured, but then she paused and said, “Well, if you want to be an atheist, be a good one!” She told me there were other religions that might appeal to me more and encouraged my looking into them.

I followed that advice and started a systematic program forthwith of reading the holy scriptures of one religion after another, night after night, starting with the Old Testament and making notes in the margins of my red leather Bible. Unfortunately, this relic was destroyed ten years later by my daughter’s red setter who chewed it up to Leviticus! Alas, by the age of 20, I knew a lot about religion but had experienced nothing!

I went into an empty church in New York and wept. Three days later, my father suggested that I see this astrologer Hermes who had just helped him. My opinion at the time was that astrology was the superstitious twaddle of nincompoops, but as a lark, I went. Hermes, a most attractive man, lived in Little Italy within walking distance of the Hotel Holley on Washington Square. He drew up my chart by hand, looked at me, and said, “You have been looking for God all of your life.” Everything he said to me was accurate, and I was intrigued to say the least. He summoned me to return the next morning to meet his teacher, and my life changed forever.

Since then I have spent seven more decades studying the matter. For me, one of the most valuable lessons I have learned from this is the dangers of literalism, and that the truth is revealed to us through understanding symbolic language and perceiving that what we presume to call God is not a noun but a verb, the very process of ongoing creation. Language, by its own nature, tricks us by turning verbs into nouns. “Swimming” is fun or “to swim” is fun, both as gerund or infinitive, become subject or object of a sentence acting as nouns, and still we are not even wet!

Obviously, I am no longer an atheist but I have deep sympathy for them – atheists have rejected the definition of God at the level beneath them. We all need to keep searching until we can move from believing there is no answer to the vast certainty that there is one, only we can’t apprehend it! Today I realize that the mind is ipso facto disqualified by its functioning through duality. It is the wrong instrument! The Tao that can be defined is not the Tao.

So what is the solution? To quote Carl Jung, “The longest journey most of us have to take is from the head to the heart.”

As a wonderful old Hindu teacher said to me, chuckling, “Why, God is making love to you in every heartbeat of your life!”


Why We Should Never Ignore Synchronicity

By The Alchemist 

It’s really freaky sometimes but it’s also a glimpse of what lies beneath our senses. This World, well…our material World, isn’t perfect. Although, almost everything on Earth is made in a way to convince us, that material world is the only truth, there are some moments when we realize that there is so much more. This is the time of synchronicities, a time of Magical Awakening.

Synchronicities and Carl Jung

Synchronicity is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

Roderick Main, in ‘Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal‘ stated very clearly that : “The culmination of Jung’s lifelong engagement with the paranormal is his theory of synchronicity, the view that the structure of reality includes a principle of acausal connection which manifests itself most conspicuously in the form of meaningful coincidences. Difficult, flawed, prone to misrepresentation, this theory none the less remains one of the most suggestive attempts yet made to bring the paranormal within the bounds of intelligibility. It has been found relevant by psychotherapists, parapsychologists, researchers of spiritual experience and a growing number of non-specialists. Indeed, Jung’s writings in this area form an excellent general introduction to the whole field of the paranormal.”

3 Reasons Why We Should NEVER Ignore Synchronicities

  1. Synchronicities are the moments when our Higher Self attempts to establish a magical connection. It’s the moment we actually get a taste of our divine nature. When this happens, our cells and our astral bodies are synchronized with the universe and therefore we channel very important messages for us and our lives the ones we love. Messages we cannot receive in another way.
  2. It’s a window of opportunity. When synchronicities happen, we probably get this very intense feeling when time bends. It bends so we can have the time to act and connect more.
  3. They don’t happen often if we neglect them. We should focus on this signal to magnify its effect.

So let’s get to the chase. Which are the most common and powerful synchronicities?

11:11, time is art, 1111

1. Seeing Repeating Numbers all the time! 

Numbers are the patterns this world is made of. Universe frequently loves to talk to us via numbers and numerology. Do you often see the same number all over you? Is your clock always showing the same number? If you feel hunted by a repeating number you may experience an extremely powerful synchronicity.  Here’s a guide. 

  • What to do if numbers haunt you: If that’s true then you should probably memorize this number and look for the answer that’s probably implied within the digits.

2. Seeing the Same Animals Over and Over Again!

Animals are agents of our Mother Earth. Every species vibrate on a special frequency. When time is right, animals are attracted by cosmic signals, attracting them to special places only to deliver a message. Some animals are harbingers of doom or divine intervention. Here’s a guide of Animal presence. 

Moreover, animals may perform mannerisms or moving patterns, which may form a special kind of symbols or runes.

  • What to do if animals follow you: If certain animals seem to be attracted by your presence you may want to contact the Totem Animal of this species and ask why is this happening.
  • What to do if animals form certain patterns: If this happens memorize the talisman and look for its meaning!

3. Experiencing Déjà-Vu

Déjà-Vu is this feeling when you somehow have lived this exact moment again! This may be a loophole to contact your Higher Self and your Guardian Angel. It’s NO coincidence. On the Contrary, you are Just getting Synchronized with your Magical Powers, experiencing an amazing moment of truth!

  • What to do if you have a Déjà-Vu: Meditate right Now! If possible, stop what you are doing and go to a meditative state. Ask Yourself (your Higher Self) why are you feeling this? If you pay attention to this feeling, Déjà-Vu will come back again! I’ve actually experience a 30minutes Déjà-Vu, knowing EXACTLY what is going to happen, before actually happening! You can do it!

4. Thinking of Someone and then seeing him/her or receiving a phone call 

This is an amazing synchronicity. It’s been a while since you last talked to Mary. By against all odds, you are somehow thinking of her! Then, right after a while, you  actually greet her in the streets or you receive a call or text from her! Coincidence? No of course not. Do you know what are chances for this to happen? Believe me, it’s more possible to win the lottery.

But why is this happening? Probably because you developed a strong telepathic link which actually led to this amazing communication, attracting each other.

  • What to do if this happens: You should probably start trying to develop your telepathic abilities. Moreover, you should try to figure out, why did this happen with this person. What does this person symbolizes for you? Could this be an omen?

5. Thinking of an Old Song and then immediately listening to it 

What an odd situation. Again, this is extremely ‘lucky’ because the chances to win the lottery are of course higher. It is no coincidence.

But why does this happen? Maybe because you start to develop prophetic abilities, receiving glances of the future. You are probably extremely intuitive and this power is expressed this way, so you can take it seriously, without any doubt!

  • What to do: If this happens, HAVE FUN WITH THE SONG! Show the universe how much you appreciate it! Send a grateful message. When the song is gone, go to a meditative state and ask your Higher Self what did this mean. Is the song an omen trying to prepare you for something that’s coming? Maybe it’s an advice? Keep of asking for signs! Here’s a guide!

6. Hearing the Answer to a Question that bothers you from a Random Stranger 

You are bothered by something yet you don’t know what’s the right answer. And then, someone is saying something on the phone, which you accidentally happen to hear! Could what he just said be the answer to your Question?

It’s very common to receive a solution from a random stranger who is accidentally speaking to his friend or saying something on the phone. They say that God(s) works in mysterious ways. This might be a divine intervention, this might be the ‘voice of God’ speaking to you directly.

  • What to do: If this happens, try to remember the conversation. Observe what is happening around this stranger. What is s/he wearing? Memorize the message and the colors which may actually serve as messengers. Here’s a guide for Color Messages. 

time is art, film, movie, documentary

7. Something Reminds you of Dream you had Last Night

Throughout human history, it’s extremely common to receive divine messages via Dream World. Many prophets or Saints had the ability to foresee the future through important dreams.

Witches know that Dreams are a Realm, equally real to our Material One. Moreover, s/he who has mastered to willingly travel to the Real of Dreams is called Dreamworker or ‘Dreamwalker.

  • What to do if this happens: To access the Realm of Dreams requires patience and practice. However, if something like this happens you need to write it down and begin a Dreamjournal. This will help you monitor your experiences in the Dream World which may actually be much more meaningful that you might think. See here how to do so.